Thursday, April 24, 2008

#24 July 2006

We went on our honeymoon to San Francisco because I'd never been there and he has and he loves it. I lived in CA my whole life and never really went to San Francisco! So it was really nice! I love love love that city! Now we're home and we had a "open house" at my parents house up here in Provo. It was totally casual, like we were all in jeans and we had J Dawgs (these amazing hot dogs) cater to event. It was so fun. I'm not taking classes this summer, but I'll be starting up again around the end of August. Eddie doesn't like the idea of me sitting around without a car or anything, so he wants me to get a job to keep me busy. I'm working on that.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

#23 June 24th 2006

Ok guys, the reception was wonderful. Most people who were their I knew they knew about my injury, but there were a few I'm not sure knew. To me, that is so embarrassing! I want people to understand why I am how I am. I'm not all the way normal and I think I have an incredible, totally understandable excuse. It's kind of an excuse for everything, really. I hate that people will hear me talk, for example, and not know that it is completely alright. I'm doing so much better than is to be expected, so I want to be seen as an exceptional person, because I know I am. I don't want people to think I'm retarded when they hear my voice and they see my shaky-ness or if I say something dumb. Because I'm not! I've come farther in less than a year than is to be expected for me to ever improve.

But anyways, that's just a little pet peeve of mine now that I know what it's like to be living handicapped. The reception was great! Here are some pictures, thanks to our wonderful photographer, Jonathan Canlas.

Isn't my new husband so suave!

...and he and his groomsmen are in a boy band

My Dad is so important to me. When I was a kid he actually let me have horses in Orange County! And then when they tried to kill me he moved to Utah and he still works in CA and flies back and forth. Wonderful.

Eddie had a button maker from his band days so we made wedding buttons! Beat that!

Eddie's parents found some bobble head like maker in China and had these made for us!

Check out our fish! That, apparently, were flushed down the toilet after the reception.

Jon Header (AKA Napoleon Dynamite) and his twin brother, Dan, were buddies with Eddie their freshman year of college. Jon coming was the red carpet moment of our reception.

And we left for our wedding night at the Balboa Bay Club. And about there is where I will stop talking about my wedding. For lots of reasons...

#22 June 24th 2006

My aunt and uncle opened their house for us to have a "luncheon" for family members and close friends to spend time at and eat between the temple and the reception. It was very nice and totally enjoyable. I went their in my wedding dress and changed out of it until I go to the reception. My grandma kept asking me what kind of dessert I wanted, and I told her I love just frosting in between graham crackers. She said it wasn't "nice" enough but I told her thats all I wanted. And she had fortune cookies made that said "A happy eternal marriage- Bree and Eddie June 24th, 2006." Everything was just great. Can you tell I loved my wedding!

Again, Jonathan Canlas was our photographer! Check out the quality we got

How sweet is my dad's car?

Here was us getting there

These are the chocolate filled graham crackers held my Eddie's brother Kendall

Here is my Dad holding a fortune

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

#21 June 24th 2006

Eddie and I finally got married and sealed in the temple today! I have been waiting for this! When I first woke up I kept thinking "Man, I wish Eddie and I were sealed for all time before I die! I don't care if the honeymoon is in the rehabilitation unit; I just want to be with him forever!" This way, if another freak accident occurs, we'll be sealed so I can still be with him forever. It was wonderful.

Here are some pictures from the temple. We're having a luncheon soon and then the reception.

This is Eddie's family...well, now my family too I guess

Here is everyone at the wedding in front of the Newport Beach Temple

Eddie and I, obviously...

Here was the "wedding party," mostly my cousins and Eddie's little brothers...can you pick out Eddie's brothers?

Our incredible photographer was Jonathan Canlas... He was amazing, I strongly recommend him if you plan to me married soon. Or if you just want great pictures...

Monday, April 14, 2008

#20 June 23rd 2006

Today was the wedding rehearsal dinner. We had dinner at some restaurant at the Four Season's in Newport Beach, CA. It was pretty incredible. My family and Eddie's family was all there, plus a couple friends and bunch of my cousins. The food was wonderful and I am so excited for tomorrow. I'm not nervous, all I worry about is that I'm not worried. This is supposed to be a huge decision that people freak out about but I'm making a great decision. I put Eddie through a really good test! He must really love me if he will go through what he did. I accidentally made sure he is in it for the long haul. Through the thick and thin.

This is everyone watching the video that Eddie made. It's really good, I'll have to show you all soon.

These are Eddie's parents Tony and Susan King and Grandma Genevieve King

These are my wonderful parents, Scott and Julie Everson

This is my Maid of Honor/Sister Kelsie Everson

And the guests of honor, Eddie and I

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

#19 April 2006

Eddie and I decided when we are going to get married! We're getting married on June 24, 2006. A year late but oh well. Sometimes things get in the way...

I'm so excited. It's only a couple of months away but we wanted to make sure I could do it so we've been putting off deciding. I just can't wait an extra day! So we just decided on a day because I'm not going to get much better with in the next year or so. I'm still recovering, but I will be for the rest of my life. At that time Eddie's parents will be in the states and everything (they're living in China).

Eddie takes me to a parking lot to practice driving. It's weird because I remember it all in my mind, I just have a hard time communicating that from my mind to my hands. It used to be so natural... This driving instructor guy comes and picks me up and we go driving around Provo. He tells me such dumb things because he's use to teaching 16 year olds. But it's fun to practice because I am so excited to get my license back!

We took these engagement pictures before I got hurt

Sunday, April 6, 2008

#18 April 2006

I finished my personality class. I got a "B" in it, so thats good. My grade I can not go below is a "B," so I'll take it. I'm going to finish school and get a degree. Its really convenient that I'm a psychology major because the dean of psychology is Dr. Bigler, who is really high up in the brain injury world and he and his doctorate students are doing a bunch of testing with me right now. They're kind of repetitive, like I'll have to repeat lists of words a million times to test my memory. Even though I do it a million times I still have a hard time with it and I can't actually remember the words. Maybe the reason I think it's so boring and stupid is because I can't do it.

Well, it looks like I'll be in school for a while because I'm going to take classes slowly (so not to get a grade lower than a "B!"). I use to like school so much and I'd be alright with it taking forever, but now I'm a little bummed about it.